The flight

2005-01-24 10:39 - Dreams

The story begins in my high school. There feels like a big piece I am missing but the first I can remember is being in my high school and running out the side entrance, away from two mean guys chasing me. I run towards the parking lot, to get into my car. But I don't have a car in the parking lot!

No worry, on the way there I've managed to start flying. It's a slightly awkward flight, much akin to swimming in the air, certianly not a graceful Superman style flight, but it is flight nonetheless. I bob and weave over some houses and away from my pursuers. But their pursuit is dogged. I catch the sound of a horn and realize, "The highway!"

I make for the highway, only a few blocks away with the mystery men in pursuit. As I approach the highway I am dismayed to find extremely light traffic, not the barrier to pursuit I had hoped for. But, lucky for me two train tracks which don't exist in reality are there in the median, each with a train approaching from opposite directions, right now! I make for the other side as quick as I can, but my swimmy method of flight is strenuous and I barely make it between the trains before they pass. I struggle to swim upwards and over the train. Crisis averted!

Plus, there's a big construction lot right in front of me, with a few trucks easy for the taking. I decide that's wrong though, so I shut the door. Somehow the force causes the truck to roll over onto it's roof and damage it rather severely. Uh oh, the owners seem to have heard that! I wearily resume my flight which I am barely able to maintain at this point. I fly blindly into a hangar-like building containing the stuffs for construction, massive forms of concrete and rolls of carpeting and more aisles of all imaginable things, vaguely resembling a home depot except with only three walls. I seem to have triumphed, the man retreats.

I head for a bit of cover anyway, to be safe. And good I did, he comes back with a huge dog! By then I am concealed among the top of some large carpet rolls and mostly safe but oh no! I bump one accidentally and cause quite a noise. The dog finds me quickly. At this point I pause, and as I continue telling the story to the old man on the other side of the camp fire, I am in a sleeping bag in the middle of a forest, AND THERE'S THE DOG OH NO !!!

And then I wake up.


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