Road Trip Restaurant Theft

2006-09-17 09:53 - Dreams

My whole family: me, mom, dad, sister were together (which hasn't happened in quite a few years) for some sort of trip. Except I was driving in a separate car (I haven't had a car for nearly as many years). We stop for dinner.

As we enter, the place is some sort of fast food joint, with the people-corral like you often see in front of the registers at Burger King or Wendy's. Mom and sister are standing off to the side, and hold me back when I go to join dad, who is ordering only for himself. He orders a burrito, and I yell to him that I'd like one too. "Make that two," he says.

We carry our cheap plastic trays (somehow, mom and sis have food too) towards the tables, and the restaruant morphs to a nice sit-down kind of place. The burritos are not burritos, but some sort of ice cream thing. Neither of us seem to mind. Then it's time to leave. Everyone else pretty much stands up and leaves, and I call out for them to wait, we've left all sorts of our bags at the table. Nobody seems concerned. I pick up all I can and stumble to the door, everyone else seems gone.

So I walk around the restaurant building, but I can't find my car. I head back in and at the front desk, I'm told my mother authorized them to move my car. I storm out, finding them instantly this time, and get quite angry. She assures me that it was legitimate, for something related to a handicapped person. Then, the car becomes obviously very missing. And where it should be is my bike. I get quite upset when I see the tires and pedals are very ruined. At that point, it turns into a completely different bike, and we decide that somebody with a bad bike decided to break into my car, to take my bike.

Then I woke up.


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