Finally, a way to get back at those pesky kids!

2013-07-05 10:43 - Dreams

I had a whopper of a TV episode idea in a dream last night. The dream somehow involved a mashup of the dean from Community with Bart from the Simpsons. I'm gonna choose to retell it purely as a Community episode; I think it works better there.

So, the dean convinces some set of problem kids that the school is in dire trouble. To get past it, he needs to expel them. On paper. But he's going to offer a Presideantial pardon to them, signed as soon as the school is past this rough patch. The dream didn't go into what/why/how, but I can easily imagine this as part of a wacky Community episode.

The kicker? At the end of the episode, the dean leaves the un-signed pardons on his desk, as he resigns and walks out. He wanted to get rid of them so badly, he cooked up this plot to make it happen, because he couldn't get rid of the problem students any other way.


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