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2007-01-07 10:40 - Dreams

I can remember two distinct dreams last night. The first is a bit fuzzy. I was in Mexico with some big shot, real estate mogul or something. We were building something. The way we were doing that was by taking a lot of mud, it was next door, and it was free, and making a big pile out of it. There was a special truck that came in just to spray water around to keep the dirt muddy. There was also some sort of tool shed thing out back, and I saw a flathead screwdriver there, which closely resembles one I have, except it was missing the damage in the handle mine has. Weird.

Also, the apartment next door to mine was broken into just a few days ago. Last night, I dreamed that a friend I haven't seen or spoken to since high school came over and wanted to see that place. We must have traveled there magically, because once we knocked on the door, he first explained that they came in through the ceiling. As we looked around, wondering why that was, we discovered a wall in the hallway (which is not there in real life), forcing a strange ingress/egress path. The tenants had to pull down a little set of stairs, like might be used to get to an attic, to go to the next floor up, to get in and out of the building. Weirder.


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