Dragon Canyon

2005-01-23 09:55 - Dreams

I began playing the game called EverQuest, which I quit months ago. For an unknown reason I decided to play my Cleric. I also decided to visit what must be a new expansion, for the zone I entered does not exist anywhere within the world of that game.

It was full of dragons. But it was just a short canyon between one zone and another. No problem, I figure, right? So I go to run right through it. Moments later, I of around 2,000 hitpoints is hit for 1,000,000 and fly across the air, dying and turning the land red as I fly. I reappear at my bind spot, which is just next to the dragon that killed me. Cripes! I make a run for it hoping to snag a bug in the game and just get away. No dice. Repeat this step about 7 or 8 times and finally make it.

How sad! Now I've lost my level, and it will take ages for me to ressurect myself and gain back the experience. Well, nothing to do about it but grin and bear it. I switch do my druid who can turn himself invisible, and begin gathering the corpses to a safe spot. By the time I am done, rather than corpses, I have tiny little death sticks, which very closely resemble the batteries for my electric screwdriver. Exactly resemble, in fact. Not only have my corpses morphed into batteries, a huge crowd has gathered, where there once was an empty barren area. I pass one of the girls (one of the rather attractive girls) from my grade school/high school on one of my last trips. Then I discover that my little pile of death batteries is smaller than I left it. Oh no! Someone's been taking them! No, I just left a few over there, with my keys. Ok. Go get the others. Now some are definitely missing from my original pile. That guy took them! That guy, who is also from my grade school/high school. I argue with him a bit, and he tells me to just hit ctrl-alt-delete. Though I am inside this virtual world, and I have no keyboard, I do it angrily. It does not work, and pooooof I wake up.


2012-05-02 01:26 - Melinda1916

well this is one of the most interesting things i have ever read. you have a very broad imagination, you should write a book or something

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