Back in school

2004-10-05 12:27 - Dreams

I originally wasn't going to write about this, since I didn't quite remember enough to make any sense of it. But I realized that I keep doing that, so my dreams category is mostly empty, so here goes.

I was back in school. In college, I suppose. I was living in an apartment near the school. It was the end of a semester, finals were coming up very soon. I've never stressed over tests, and didn't then, but things started to get strange which made it hard to deal with.

Somehow, I had a chart of codes that related groups of classes to what days their final would be held on. They spanned from the 2nd to the 28th of the month. I then found out that my apartment was going to close, or something that resulted in every tenant getting kicked out on the 7th of the month. Naturally, a problem.

I head into the school, and it really appears to be a high school, not a college, it's just one big building. Inside, it's many many times bigger. From the 3 doors each, there is only a small lobby with a massive escalator on one side. At the top of the escalator is a large shopping mall, which thoroughly confused me. So I took the elevator down about as much as I figured the escalator took me up, and ended up in the exact same place, except next to an information booth, which pointed me towards the school office.

I wish I knew what happened next, that's when I woke up.


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